Inland Transport

Product, from the different Assmang operations, is transported to the various ports for export, either via rail transport on a national rail network operated by Transnet Freight Rail (TFR), the largest division of the government owned Transnet Limited, or via road transport, by privately owned road freight companies.

Iron ore

Iron Ore is railed approximately 861km from Khumani Mine to the Saldanha Bay Iron Ore Terminal via the, so called, Orex Line. The Orex line is a core heavy haul business line that runs from the Northern Cape along the West Coast of South Africa. The service operates with unique rolling stock designed specifically to meet customer’s needs. TFR currently transports a total of 60 million tons of iron ore per annum for the export market; including Assmang’s 14 million ton of iron ore. Assmang’s Khumani Mine is supplied with trains consisting of 342 wagons. Each wagon is capable of carrying approximately 100 tons of iron ore; therefore 1 train is able to move a total of 34,200 tons.

Beeshoek Mine’s iron Ore is supplied mainly into the domestic market. Customers arrange their own transport, either via rail, with services also being provided by TFR, or by means of road hauling.


The majority of the bulk export of Mn ore produced at Black Rock is transported to two main terminals, Port Elizabeth and Saldhana Bay. Each train transports about 6500mt of ore and takes approximately 30 hours for the 1100km distance from the mines to Port Elizabeth port for direct bulk export.

Assmang’s ferromanganese produced at their Cato Ridge Works and Machadodrop plants is both railed and road hauled from the plants to Richards Bay Port for bulk exports and road hauled to Durban for container exports.


Ferrochrome produced at the Machadodorp Works is road hauled from the plant to Richards Bay Port for bulkexports and road hauled to Durbanfor container exports.